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Calling All Parents!

  • Three hours of video content created for parents or other family members in a neurodiverse household

  • Learn about communication strategies, achieving calm, and fostering independence while creating a household culture of teamwork

  • After completing the content, join Dr. Regan for group zoom calls about the content.

about this and upcoming courses!

ADDitude Magazine's birthday bash:

Two of My Articles Listed in Their Top 25 of the Past 25 Years!

Image by Gemma Chua-Tran
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Zur Institute is now offering an autism certificate program with bundled course options for professionals. I'm happy to have authored many of the courses.

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Community Forum

Want to be part of the growing community forum related to autism spectrum topics? 

Resources For Professionals

Video Content

Whether you're looking for a 5-minute quick tip or a complete course, you'll find it in the members' video library.


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Looking for a book to hold in your hands or download?

Autism in Women


Autism and Aging


Autism and Adult Diagnosis


Autism and Well-Being

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"Dr. Regan, Just wanted to let you know how fabulous your talk was. The information you provided was simply excellent!... your talk was tremendously informative for me. Thank you!"

Tremendously Informative

Early Career Neuropsychologist

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