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Interested in Joining a Group?

Interested in a free group for clinicians? Dr. Regan posts about clinical issues, and clinicians can ask questions and suggest topics of interest. Also view options under the "events" tab to participate in a video group consultation with Dr. Regan.


Need online training in autism spectrum topics? Looking for CEUs? 

"Dr. Regan, I was delighted to hear your podcast! In fact, I've listened to it three times already! You have provided a great service to our community... and I am looking forward to reading your Understanding Autism series. Thank you Dr. Regan for sharing your much needed expertise in this challenging (and in my opinion underestimated) area of our practice." S. PsyD, ABPdN


Individual Consultation

Want to book an individual consultation session with Dr. Regan about your patients and clinical needs?


Group Consultation

Want an economical way to receive consultation while benefiting from peer interaction? Check out the events tab in the clinicians group for a schedule of options. Tickets limited. 


"Best of 2021"

Honored to be named in The Testing Psychologist's "Best of 2021" episode for my interview about assessment of autism in adults.


The podcast is published by the prolific psychologist Dr. Jeremy Sharp. In addition to clinical expertise and podcast content, he publishes a blog and offers consultation to clinicians growing a testing practice.  


"Best of 2021"

The podcast included over 80 episodes of wonderful content in 2021. 

My August episode entitled "Identifying Adult Autism with Dr. Theresa Regan" was the second most downloaded episode of the year.


Like to have a book resource for learning or teaching? 

"Dr. Regan... I listened to your interview. Just wanted to let you know how fabulous your talk was. The information you provided was simply excellent!... your talk was tremendously informative for me. Thank you!" B Ph.D. early career neuropsychologist

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